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Andhra Pradesh Government Oriental Manuscripts 

Library and Research Institute.


The origin of the oriental library goes back to the 1891 during the period of  Nizams VI. A library was established on thousands of manuscripts and printed books we are collected in the forms of donations and some of them are purchased. After the formation of the Andhra Pradesh, the asafiah library was re-designated as the state central library. In the year 1967 the Government of Andhra Pradesh established an exclusive manuscripts library for the better management of the collection of manuscripts and their preservation and also to provide special facilities and services to the Indian and western scholars. In 1971 the oriental library was raised to the status of a research institute and elevated to an independent directorate. 

The A.P government oriental library at present have a rich and magnificent collection of above twenty four thousands manuscripts in sixteen languages. 

The major collection of manuscripts comprises of Plamleaf and handmade paper in Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian, pishta, telegu, kanada, Marathi, urdu, Hindi, oraiya, and sindhi languages. These manuscripts are related to forty seven subjects such as Vedas. Upanishads, puranas, agamas, dharma shasthras, grammar, prosody, music, alankarasastra, tantrasastras, ayurveda, kavyas, quran and quranic exegesis, hadis, fiqah, history, unani, medicine, astrology and dictionaries. There are many illustrated manuscripts with rare artistic excellence and some of them are specimens of exceptionally brilliant calligraphy. These manuscripts provide knowledge about the realities and literary heritage, contemporary histories and genealogies. The manuscripts give us contemporary data about the socio-religious milieu. During the forty years of its exit stance, the Oriental library has enriched  thousand of scholars with rare glimpses of the past and gradually it has emerged as one of the richest repository of the manuscripts in the south India. The Oriental Manuscripts Library and Research Institute located in Osmania University Campus which has an a academic atmosphere.